Zhechang Technology

Hangzhou Zhechang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of power equipment. The company is committed to technological R&D and product innovation as a corporate strategy. The main products include low-voltage DC power management system, battery online monitoring system, switching station operating environment intelligent control system, switching station DC power management system, mobile AC and DC power supply Three-phase load imbalance adjustment device for vehicle and distribution network, etc. The company has set up its own R&D center, and relying on the talents and technological advantages of Zhejiang University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Tsinghua University, it conducts research and development of low-voltage DC system testing and management systems, and distribution network related products, and at the same time promotes a large number of scientific research results to industrialization. Ensure to provide reliable and cost-effective products and system solutions for end users in the global market. The company has established a comprehensive quality management system internally, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO45001 and other system certifications, and has a number of invention patent certificates and utility model patents. It relies on advanced infrastructure and high-quality talents to continue to provide customers Provide quality products and services.

With the mission of "providing comprehensive solutions for the operation and maintenance of DC systems", Zhechang Technology mainly serves customers in the power grid companies, data centers, power plants, rail transit, industrial enterprises and other industries, and has won high recognition from customers .

God rewards hard work, business rewards faith, and humanity rewards sincerity. Thanks to the care and support of new and old customers, we Zhechang people always adhere to the responsibility of creating domestic famous brands, and continue to work hard to realize the ambition of "DC system operation and maintenance experts".